Please note our PSIA inspection checklists are currently being revised by our trainer to have the new and superseded Standards, read more. This will not be available to purchase/renew until our trainer has finalised the forms.

We will provide an update on this page or in our news when the new forms are available to you!

Product Description

These user friendly audit forms and checklists provide a comprehensive list of all inspections that must be made against playground equipment conforming to the AS4685:2014 Australian Standards.To ensure you are testing the equipment against these standards and checklists, it is advised that you purchase a playground safety inspection tool kit that also conforms to the AS4685:2014.

This is a recommended resources for our easily assist in the identification of non-compliance to the AS4685 Australian Standards and an optional recommended resource for our Level 1-2 and Level 1-3 CPSIA Course students.

This includes inspection forms/checklists in accordance with AS4685 series;

  • AS4685.1:2021 General equipment/combination units
  • AS4685.2:2021 Swings
  • AS4685.3:2021 Slides
  • AS4685.4:2021 Cableways
  • AS4685.5:2021 Carousels
  • AS4685.6:2021 Rocking equipment
  • AS4685.11:2014 Spatial networks
  • AS4685.0:2017  and AS4622:2016 Comprehensive, Operational and Routine inspection forms/checklist

This 12-month subscription will be updated if/as required and will be sent to you via email or share file system.

PSIA Inspection Checklists

$2,750.00 (GST incl)