PSIA Inspection Checklists

These forms will easily assist in the identification of non-compliance to the AS4685 Australian Standards and an recommended (optional) resource for our Level 1-2 and Level 1-3 CPSIA Course students.

This includes inspection forms/checklists in accordance with AS4685 series;

  • AS4685.1:2021 General equipment/combination units
  • AS4685.2:2021 Swings
  • AS4685.3:2021 Slides
  • AS4685.4:2021 Cableways
  • AS4685.5:2021 Carousels
  • AS4685.6:2021 Rocking equipment
  • AS4685.11:2014 Spatial networks
  • AS4685.0:2017  and AS4622:2016 Comprehensive, Operational and Routine inspection forms/checklist

This 12-month subscription will be updated if/as required and will be sent to you via email or share file system.