Playground Safety Inspector Certification

Australian Standards Reference

Competent person

“A person who has acquired through training, qualifications or experience, or a combination of these, the knowledge and skills enabling that person to perform a specified task” (cl. 5.1, AS 4685.0:2017 pg.6).

Competence of persons performing inspections

“Individuals performing tasks such as assessment, inspection, repair and maintenance of a playground shall be competent to perform the task that they are undertaking (see Clause 5.1).

NOTE: It is advisable for these individuals or organizations to maintain relevant insurance.

All playground inspections shall be performed by a competent person.

The post-installation and comprehensive inspections shall be performed by a person who has training and experience that enables them to perform a full conformity check to AS 4685 (series). Impact testing in accordance with AS 4422 requires the capability to operate specialised equipment and interpret the results. These inspections do not need to be carried out by the same person or organisation” (cl. 8.5.7, AS 4685.0:2017 pg.15).


Professional certification is not a replacement for accredited degrees but complements an individual’s education or professional experience in their chosen field of work. It displays their dedication to their profession and provides verification that they are competent and well trained to effectively use the tools and skills in their industry.

Playground Safety Inspector Certification

Whilst training is a part of what defines a competent individual (cl. 5.1, AS 4685.0:2017 p.6), there is no occupational licensing, legislative or requirement for playground safety inspector certification (e.g. CPSIA certificate) for tasks such as the assessment, inspection, repair and/or maintenance of playgrounds in Australia. However, these tasks shall be completed by a competent individual (cl. 8.5.7, AS 4685.0:2017 p.15).

It is considered good practice, a nationwide joint effort, and accepted as an industry-standard benchmark to have playground inspectors, owners, operators, supervisors, manufacturers, designers etc. evaluated as competent through training and assessment. 

After you have successfully completed a CPSIA course with PSIA, we issue a Certified Playground Safety Inspector Australia certificate demonstrating the applicable inspector levels you have demonstrated competency to:

  1. CPSIA Level 1 Routine Playground Safety Inspector
  2. CPSIA Level 2 Operational Playground Safety Inspector
  3. CPSIA Level 3 Comprehensive Playground Safety Inspector

As stated in the inspection certification above, this CPSIA certificate is accepted as an industry-standard benchmark for tasks such as the assessment, inspection, repair, and/or maintenance of playgrounds in Australia.

When you are issued your CPSIA certificate, your details and registration number are posted on our register, your inclusion on this register requires you to abide by the PSIAs code of ethics and be personally be responsible for the quality of your work. All students have the option to remove their name from our register or personally publish their inspector registration on our webpage here.

This certificate is valid with PSIA for 3 years after the training completion date, this is our recommendation and also a part of the industry-standard benchmark of having our playground inspectors, etc. evaluated as competent through training and assessment every 3 years. With this valid CPSIA certificate, you can join our membership, advertise your services and/or products and join our exclusive discussion forum where you can connect with peers and get free consultancy from our trainer!

PSIA certification is independent of our previous partner RTO. 

Playground Safety Inspector Certification Refresher | Recertification

To support this industry-standard benchmark, if you enroll in a CPSIA course within 3 years, prior to your CPSIA certificate expiring with Playground Safety Inspectors Australia your registration will be discounted.

To keep your certification, Playground Safety Inspectors Australia will ask for proof upon registration that you have obtained previous certification or training (e.g. certificate, inspector register no.) within 3 years before you are permitted to renew your certification with Playground Safety Inspectors Australia.

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