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It is recognised children will experience minor injuries on playgrounds but a playground that leaves a child permanently disabled is not acceptable. Those involved in playgrounds should identify and eliminate unacceptable playground risks and reduce hazards.
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Level 1-2 Level 1-3 & Attendance Only
VIC Taylors Lakes Hotel
20 – 22 Jun 2023
Level 1-2 Level 1-3 & Attendance Only
NSW Novotel Brighton-Le-Sands
22-24 Aug 2023
Level 1-2 Level 1-3 & Attendance Only
Live Stream
22-23 Aug 2023
Level 1 & Attendance Only
Brisbane Technology Park
18 Sep 2023
Level 1-2 Level 1-3 & Attendance Only
QLD Brisbane Technology Park
19-21 Sep 2023
Level 1-2 Level 1-3 & Attendance Only
VIC Taylors Lakes Hotel
17 – 19 Oct 2023
Level 1
Live Stream
23 Oct 2023
Level 1
WA Bentley Technology Park
23 Oct 2023
Level 1-2 Level 1-3 & Attendance Only
Live Stream
24-25 Oct 2023
Level 1-2 Level 1-3 & Attendance Only
WA Bentley Technology Park
24-26 Oct 2023
Level 1-2 Level 1-3 & Attendance Only
SA Glenelg Pier Hotel
7 – 9 Nov 2023


Rattlesnake caught at local children’s playground

A rattlesnake wanted to come out and play at a playground in East County. Rattlesnake wranglers said with the rain gone, more snakes are slithering out looking for food.

Abbie Black
New 3.8-million-dollar playground coming as part of Perth Zoo transformation

Construction has commenced on a $3.8 million all-ages, nature-based playground in a milestone for Perth Zoo’s Master Plan 2040. The project is designed to be accessible to children of all abilities, with expected completion by Spring this year.

Perth Zoo
Children protest over fenced-off playground on new estate

Four years after moving into their home, parents say youngsters are still unable to use the equipment they were promised to play on. Some families who moved into the area claim that the new playground was part of the reason they moved, but four years on, their children are now too old.

Chris Bishop
Eastern Daily Press
America’s funniest home videos features the best playground fails

Everyone likes to play on the playground, whether you’re a kid or a kid at heart! Watch and laugh at these design fails, people missing monkey bars, big kids riding spring animals and getting a little too adventurous in the playground!

Children’s hospital at Westmead unveils new sensory playground

NSW Minister for Health Ryan Park said the brand-new sensory playground encourages children and young people who are staying or receiving treatments to explore their imagination in fun and engaging ways while providing an inviting space for the whole family to seek respite outdoors.

Minister for Health
NSW Government
Iconic rocket ship playgrounds inspired by Cold War 'propaganda exercise'
Rocket play equipment started to be brought to Sydney in the mid-1950s, according to Ms Jackson-Stepowski. “Society was just mesmerised by anything to do with space,” she says.
Declan Bowring
ABC Radio Sydney
Mother warns parents after daughter injured at new Tasmania Anzac playground

A mother has shared gruesome pictures of the injury her four-year-old daughter suffered after she went down a slide at newly built ANZAC playground. She explained that the slide appeared to have a very sharp underside and urged parents to watch their kids while playing at the park.

Madeleine Achenza
Alleged drunk driver arrested after car crashes into Adelaide school playground

A 25-year-old man will appear in court after allegedly crashing into a school in Adelaide’s eastern suburbs, coming to a stop in the playground.

ABC News
More than a dozen used construction nails found in a Kensington neighbourhood playground

Police on Thursday responded to a hazard call in the area of College and Lippincott Streets. There officers found 15 used construction nails throughout the playground at Kensington Community School.

Mahdis Habibinia
Toronto Star
Shire plans to create 27 new kids’ playgrounds, upgrade four, relocate 10 and consolidate 20

Twenty-seven new children’s playgrounds will be created, four upgraded, 10 relocated and 20 consolidated under sweeping changes being considered by Sutherland Shire Council.

Murray Trembath
The Leader
Daycare finally opens playground for 1-2 year-olds

In May 2022, Little Steps and the Chamber had a ribbon-cutting for the new playground for 1- and 2-year-olds that the state grant Build Learn Grow helped fund. Tami Beery, Little Steps director, said the equipment for the 3- to 5-year-olds was ordered at the same time as the 1- to 2-year-olds equipment but it arrived about nine months late.

David Slone
Times Union
UK’s newly opened 3.6-million-dollar adventure playground with racing zip lines

A huge family adventure playground that cost £3.6million to build has now opened to the public. ‘The Lost Garden’ adventure play area at the iconic Blenheim Palace features unique wooden structures, interactive water features, play trails and winding walkways.

Milo Boyd
U.S. Playgrounds are boringly safe... New designs will add a whiff of danger

Playgrounds today are becoming more varied, more accessible, and more customized, according to playground experts. Some, surprisingly, may even be getting slightly more dangerous, at least within the limits of U.S. safety standards, giving American children more opportunity to take risks and push limits.

Nate Berg
Mother issues warning as toddler gets Lyme disease after tick bite at playground

When the family returned to their home in Exmoor, Devon, Bethany spotted a tick on his neck under his ear and another in his hair. Bethany realised the playground was next to open fields ‘’which would be rife with deer ticks, which carry Lyme disease.”

Athena Stavrou
Borer found at Whangārei’s new Pohe Island Aventure Playground

Pohe Island Aventure Playground opened in December last year, and just months prior to opening, borer was found in some of the timber. Whangārei District Council project engineer for the playground, Fiona Pratt, said “as soon as the borer was identified, the worst-affected areas were immediately replaced and all poles were sand-blasted to remove paint, before being fumigated and repainted.”

Brodie Stone
The Northern Advocate
Shock as swings at playground set on fire by group of youths

Swings at a playground in County Durham were set on fire by a group of youths at the weekend. Dalton-le-Dale Park, near Seaham, has become a breeding ground for anti-social behaviour.

Aja Dodd
Offensive racist graffiti horrifies local town

Racial slurs were graffitied on a playground and sign in Beveridge, Melbourne last week. Police are now investigating the graffiti on a playground in Burnett Drive Reserve and the Mandalay estate sale sign.

Pam Kiriakidis
The North Central Review
New AI based indoor playground to come out in the fall of 2023

Rainbow R Technology, a start-up company that specializes in software for indoor playgrounds, has announced a new AI-based indoor playground Rainbow R Adventures. A single-mom tech entrepreneur, said, “The AI can recognize specific situations, such as crying, cussing, fighting, and coughing, and alert staff to take appropriate action immediately, ensuring the safety of children and preventing potential incidents from escalating. 

Newsfile Corp
Those Responsible for playgrounds are being urged to conduct risk assessments following 6-year-old’s serious head injury on birds nest

A six-year-old girl sustained serious head injuries when she fell from a bird’s nest-style swing at a playground in February. While the circumstances and findings of this incident are not finalised, this alert serves as a prompt to those responsible for playgrounds to ensure adequate risk assessments are conducted.

Safe Work SA
Hope for change for 'London's saddest park'

Families living near a burnt-out playground named the saddest in London have called on the local council to fix it. The adventure play area at Leyton Square Park in Peckham has been sealed off behind metal fencing since a fire in the summer of last year. Families have called for the playground to be fixed after children were sneaking through the fence to use the slide.

Robert Firth
My London News
Monkey Bar Injury Settled for €50,000

Child and mother sue public limited company as a result of his fall off monkey bars on a playground, causing a fractured elbow which now leaves a 6-inch medical scar. It was claimed there was an alleged failure to provide an adequate and safe ground surface at the playground.

Ann O'Loughlin
Irish Examiner
The Worlds first 'connected playground'

Inspired by research into parents’ views on how children play and the role of technology in children’s development, The Connected Playground combines traditional play with elements with lights, sound and interactive equipment powered entirely by its gigabit broadband and 5G mobile networks.

Natalie Clarkson
Pricey replacement for 25 year old playground

The Friends of Glenbow Education Society has a lofty goal of raising half a million dollars by 2025. So, what could be so expensive? It seems that is what it will cost to replace Glenbow School’s 25-year-old playground.

Candace Davies
Cochrane Now
Fire damages will not delay playground expansion

Fire investigators say it appears the fire was set by homeless people for warmth and got out of control. Such fires have become common in recent years, though a spokesman says there have been fewer of them this year.

Ed Pearce
Kolo TV
Concerns for playground missing prohibited smoking signage

Smoking and vaping is prohibited in Hamilton City Council owned parks, but there are no “no smoking” signs to be seen at this large playground.

Rachel Moore
Glow in the dark playground

The new playground called Joya – meaning jewel in Spanish – will be the “crown jewel” of playgrounds in the suburb. Joya will be an inclusive glow playground that, while fun in the daytime, will come alive at night with interactive features that glow, allowing for day and evening play,” the city said in the release.

Noor Adatia
The Dallas Morning News
Disability swing stolen from playground

A popular playground with the disabled community disability swing has been stolen along with a number of native trees. Christchurch’s mayor has stepped in to replace the swing for the community.

Erin Modaro
City Hub Sydney
North Sydney’s revamped playground for older children

“While we have many treasured playgrounds, we don’t have many of this size and scale that cater for older children. With so many schools nearby, I’m sure this playground will be well used and much-loved for years to come.”

Mosman Collective
Playground Basket Swing Stolen

Youngsters from across the region were left disappointed last week after the basket swing was stolen from the Harcourt Play Space in Stanley Park North. The council has ordered a new basket swing and aims to install the new swing as soon as possible.

Castlemaine Mail
1992 'hand in hand' playground to be rebuilt

Built in 1992, the nature play structure has brought joy and entertainment to many children, but is showing very obvious wear and tear and needs to be brought up to current national safety standards.

Lindsey Kennett
The scientific roots behind monkey bars

The invention of our beloved and popular monkey bars isn’t just play equipment for children, many developmental psychologists have recently confirmed that the equipment is essential for children’s growth and development in risk taking, regulating their fears and responding effectively to real life danger.

Luke D. Fannin
Smithsonian Magazine
Permanent shade structure added to school playground after melanoma concerns

A primary school In Alabama has become the first of many to apply a full sunshade to their playground after students parent diagnosed with melanoma questioned their sun safety efforts

Audrey Johnson
Yahoo News
Anzac themed all abilities playground to be opened April 2023

Somerset Park is soon to open its disability inclusive anzac themed playground, a 2.55-million-dollar project which has been in construction since 2018

Stephanie Dalton
The Advocate
Lead contamination closes playground
Playground in a Rec Centre used by school children is found to have lead levels of 470 parts per million in the runoff water used to clean the playground which is high above the USA federally allowed minimum of 400 parts per million. 
Nathan Baca
Fully renovated playground causes massive disappointment over removal of slide

Popular adventure playground in Belfast confirms they will replace the original slide taken from the playground after families were left unhappy with the decision to remove it rather than replace it.

Conor McParland
Multimillion dollar nature playground expects full replacement after inspection

Community seeks fundraising efforts for the full replacement of their Wizard of Oz themed playground built in April 2000. A further report conducted in July 2021 concluded that the playground needed a 55K update or 360K complete replacement of the out of date wooded-material structure.

Cynthia Schee
Washington County News
Controversial 'dangerous' playground opens in Melbourne

Mixed opinions from the public on new playscape littered with huge boulders, perched slides on wheeled dollies and steal ladders and hard surfacing. The playground is the latest creation of Mike Hewson, an artist-engineer from New Zealand who is renowned for designing extremely perilous-looking play spaces for kids.

Mimi Kirk
Rainbow tower removed from playground after parents claim it promotes Pro-LGBTQ symbolism

Uganda parents declare new playground ‘rainbow’ design represents and reflects certain acts that go against the norms of their people and have since had it removed. Mayor of Entebbe claims the climbing frame had been painted as part of a bid to refurbish the children’s park.

Will Neal
Tree falls in Perth playground close to parents and children

Large eucalyptus tree snaps over playground in Subiaco at 9am on Saturday morning. No one is believed to be injured and Subiaco council has not commented on the incident

Peter Devlin
Perth Now
Upgrades for all access playground for all children

Children help cut red ribbon to officially open an all-access playground at the imperial valley centre for exceptional children. Swings designed for children with limited accessibility, stand up swing chairs and appropriate rubber surfacing were some of the many new upgrades made to the old playground.

Mike Salorio
Holtville Tribune